Renewable Electricity Generation


AIRWALL – Fixed Power Storage

Domestic clean energy storage set: Engineered with MDI compressed-air technology, the AirWall is a clean energy storage and electricity generation unit for homes, businesses, communities and industry. It is in effect a compressed air “battery” unit. Coupled with a renewable energy source such as solar panels it will be able to store and supply power independently and replace any legacy type energy storage unit. And with advantage of price and the benefit of scaling up to larger size very economically. Smaller or large capacity needs – the AirWall is modular. A 7kW unit can be operated at higher or lower capacity. A 60kW unit is in the pipeline. The modular design of the AirWall enables adding components independently, such as tanks, hence creating an onsite or at factory high level of flexibility and expansion. Greater energy independence (kWh) at a lower cost ($/kWh) and greater convenience is the aim of the MDI technology and AFG’s commercialisation. An in innovative, flexible fixed power solution, ideal for your home or your business. 

Zero emission solutions: When it uses only solar energy and compressed air to run, the AirWall does not depend on harmful chemicals or fuels for operation. The MDI technology has numerous renewable energy source options, and no chemical or waste problems in disposal at end of life.

Reliable: The life cycle of the AirWall’s safe tanks are guaranteed for 20,000 cycles, effectively more than 50 years. A filling test must be carried out every 5 years. The basic engine component does not generate heat like an internal combustion engine or diesel generator, so minimum maintenance and heat losses.

Innovations: As MDI storage and power systems are air systems, an optional hybrid system can be used very efficiently. Here a low temperature burner can, using any fuel especially clean fuels, triple the autonomy of the system by expanding the air. This dual energy mode is very efficient, and the non-explosive mode creates a far cleaner and more efficient footprint than for example a diesel generator.

The future: The AirWall system is especially flexible and suited to the future of distributed energy, such as community power systems known as virtual power plants. This is due to the affordability, the economical scaling up in capacity, and the modularity of the AirWall component additions. This area is an exciting future for both MDI and AFG.

AIRWALL – Mobile Power Storage


Mobile energy storage 

The AirPower electricity generator will store energy in the form of compressed air, subsequently making it available again in the form of electricity in the event of a grid breakdown. It is intended as a mobile unit, with significant industrial and broader industry applications.

Emergency Generator

The AirPower unit is also intended for the professional environment, and ideally for meeting a specific or immediate need for power. 

The approved tank complies with the existing UN ECE R110. The composite tanks are made of carbon fibre and resin, are very resilient and do not fragment in the event of an accident. For fixed locations where weight is less important steel tanks can be used.

Compared to other zero emissions solutions, the air storage system and tanks is much cheaper and more flexible than other systems. 

The modularity via combination of different components enables different capacities according to the needs, and for the tank components that enables a very broad range of capacity, compressed at 248 bars.