Compressed Air Transport - AirPod 2.0, AirOne


An advanced clean energy alternative being designed by MDI.

GREEN AIR (Air Golfette)

Golf Carts in Carros, France

Golf Carts

MDI have completed the design of the carts and work is nearly completed configuring the interim manufacturing line for this utility vehicle. The golf cart manufacturing process is simple and ‘assembly’ rather than ‘manufacture’.


The fibreglass panels are made in the factory and the additional components (wheels, brakes, pedals) purchased. It is an example of the speed and flexibility of new designs modularly using MDI technology tailored to the application.


Our entry-level vehicle is the AirPod 2.0 Standard. 

Clean Air – no emissions 

This Zero emission vehicle is the inner city vehicle of the future. 

Diverse Markets – Three models provide a wide range of customer use: inner city service vehicles, family second vehicle, fleet use for city councils, airports, university campus, resorts, gated communities, retirement villages, golf courses. 

Its zero emission capability can assist any business and country with Zero Carbon emission objectives. 

Compact and versatile – ideal 2-seater urban service and commuter vehicle. Cargo capacity of 500 litres. Compact size. Great manoeuvrability, front open design with easy access to the vehicle’s interior. 

Nifty with a respectable range – The AIRPOD 2.0 reaches a maximum speed of 80km/hr and a range of up to 120 km on air alone and up to 360 km in its dual energy clean burning extension mode. 


Turns on a dime – With a near zero turning radius, you can be an agile city driver and spin into the parking spot. 

The best solution for daily commuting and the environment. 

AIRPOD 2.0 Range - Classic, Pickup and Cargo

Ideal for Daily Activities– Single driver, student, craftsman, deliveryman, professional, second vehicle … the choice is yours. 

Company fleet purchase for environmentally conscious companies. 

Car sharing will also be an option for these versatile vehicles. 

Local Markets – Local niche markets for private and off road applications within Pacific islands, Australia and New Zealand. The zero emission capability will assist any countries with Zero Carbon emissions objectives. 

The AirPod is currently restricted to off road applications in New Zealand and Australia. The restrictions do not normally apply in the majority of MDI’S  global markets. New Zealand and Australia are currently reviewing the restrictions. 

AIRPOD 2.0 SPECS Classic

The AirPod is designed to have a range of 100 km to 120 km in mono energy, that is to say when it uses only compressed air. The exhaust of the MDI vehicles releases only air and water vapour. 

Compressed air is stored in a braided carbon fibre tank and used at a pressure of 248 bars. 

To reach 300/360 km with a full tank of compressed air you can choose to run the engine fitted with a dual energy operation option. 

This increase in autonomy is achieved by means of a burner which heats the air outside of the engine at a lower temperature. This action multiplies by 3 the air expansion, and therefore the autonomy of the vehicle, with fuel consumption, using bioethanol, or any other fuel content, with an estimate of 0.5 litre per 100km. 

Just like a gas stove in continuous combustion, this air heating is carried out at 600 degrees with a virtually zero amount of dangerous nitrogen dioxide emissions (NOX) and unburned hydrocarbons (HC).

The advanced technology around the management of the expansions of the air allows MDI engines to achieve real efficiencies of more than 68% between the tank and the engine outlet. 




The AirOne will be a more spacious and family-oriented highway vehicle. The design will incorporate all the benefits of low weight, low cost, ease of use, and dual fuel mode capability. All vehicles will use strong lightweight composite materials. 

This will be the general family and transport car but also suited to the car-sharing future. It will be the base model for industry planned autonomous vehicles.




The AirOne will be available in 3 or 5-seater versions with a potential cargo capacity of 1,000 litres. It can be customised as an off-road vehicle or as an urban family style SUV, and can be washed with a high pressure jet both inside and out. 

AirOne is being designed to have a driving autonomy of over 500 km with the dual energy system using only 3 litres of fuel and a full air tank. 


AirBom at Lillie, France

MDI produced the first industrial vehicle, the AirBom, a collection vehicle designed and produced specifically for Veolia. This is the first vehicle running on compressed air to be put into active road service. The vehicle emits no smoke, no pollution, no carbon dioxide or polluting particles, thanks to the MDI core clean technology.