The core MDI technology enables the compressed air “batteries” to have substantial modularity. This may come from running the engine component revolutions per minute faster or slower, or providing a larger engine, or racking engines together. It may be further enhanced by adding or enlarging tanks. In addition the products are specially constructed for the renewable energy era. For example vehicles and transport products can be made lighter via composite materials and integrated functions. This creates a virtuous cycle, where every positive characteristic affects positively other characteristics. Ultimately when it gets to the design, construction, and distributed manufacture, the development can be much quicker and less costly. This creates opportunities.

Because the scope for transport and energy products is so large AFG and MDI invite third parties with application specialties, be they technical, manufacture, or markets, to consider joint development arrangements using the MDI technology in their area of specialty. Example might be buses, boats, tuk tuks, forklifts, bicycles, streetlights, and so forth. Fundamentally the compressed air technology is a platform, as is the advanced manufacture and materials applications. And that platform can open many entrepreneurial doors along the path to creating cleaner, lighter, and higher capacity products more cheaply to assist a cleaner climate.

From Golf Cart to the AirBom collection vehicle

The range of compressed air products that become available in the future can be endless…
The scope of MDI product development seen from small to large.


This brings decentralised entrepreneurial opportunities for our region