As a commercialising and progressive company
raises capital via the following six approaches:

Retail Investors

Retail investment

– Periodically from existing shareholders or new retail investors who are legally classified, via government definition, as “unsophisticated”. When sought this is done under a legal documentary structure and process.

Working Capital

Working capital

– From defined sophisticated investors with a specific application of funds and milestones.

Project Funding

Project funding

– Funding specifically for projects, for example the energy and transport projects planned for 2020. These are addressed under Documents menu item.

Seeking Cornerstone Investors

Cornerstone funding 

–  A major domestic or global investor with a mutual vested interest in the commercialisation goals, products and manufacture of Air Future Group. This may extend to a global rollout under the MDI investment licence model and may extend to MDI investment in technology development. 

Shareholder Investors

Shareholder funding

– Air Future Group companies’ shareholders have financed the group
to date. 

Liquidity Funding

Liquidity funding

– At an appropriate time and by an appropriate means Air Future Group will seek to create a liquidity event to provide liquidity for shareholders. Liquidity events are usually related to public listing or a trade relationship.