Motor Development International

Both Air Future Group and MDI are enthusiastic to work with partners. There are core specialties of the technology, or the products, and of the commercialisation. But beyond that working more broadly with different industry skills and special companies makes much commercial sense. The following are some examples.


Tata Motors

Tata Motors – Tata Motors has been a development partner of MDI since 2007, and also acquired the licence rights for the MDI technology for India (similarly to Air Future Group acquiring the rights for Australasia)

Veolia, is a French transnational company

Veolia – Veolia in France has been a partner with MDI developing the successful AirBom clean waste collection vehicle, which is now road certified in France, with more potential orders forthcoming.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Airlines – KLM has had MDI AirPod at the Netherlands Schipol airport providing valuable feedback.

Various others – Numerous other parties have, and continue to, assist MDI in its product development and industrialisation. 

Air Future Group:

Similarly Air Future Group in its commercialisation program seeks partners and associates with whom to achieve their own plus their partners’ goals, as well as those of the climate. The following are some examples.

Governments – The industries of renewable energy and clean vehicles as well as local manufacture are of huge political interest to Governments at all levels of federal, states, regions, local and city. 

Investors – Whilst the level of investment is so much less than legacy manufacture and product developers, with their budgets in the billions of dollars, nonetheless even smaller expenditures require investment. Air Future Group seeks to make its investment raisings attractive and appropriate to the current stage and investors targeted. 

Distribution channels – Because the markets for both the renewable energy products and the transport products are so large and diverse, Air Future Group is first and foremost a distributor and wholesaler via the different market channels. Retail will be more limited to online and social media.

Markets specialists – For both energy and transport the markets span consumer, commercial, industrial, industry and recreational. And in each of those areas the scope is substantial, for example in industry farming, mining, hospitality, resorts,  are all huge markets. These different markets require different distribution channels.

Factories – Regional micro factories are at the core of product manufacture. For factories we seek funding partners, Government support, industry interaction, and recruitment and supplier partners where appropriate. These resources are newly sought at a local level, although local is not essential. 

Product development – As addressed under this website’s innovation section, Air Future Group looks for partners and joint ventures to develop further products using the MDI core technology. This is a huge local and global entrepreneurial opportunity underwritten by the global need for cleaner products at an attractive cost, and cleaner climate and pollution. 

Australasian rollout – The dual industries of renewable energy and clean transport are very dynamic, as expected when both have commenced a period of revolution. Air Future Group seeks to build mutually supportive and synergistic relationships with the many dynamic companies.

MDI’s global rollout – The modern day global world is not without its challenges, including language, culture, regulation, work practices, financial structures, and so on. Air Future Group seeks two levels of partnerships. The first is local, where parties, for example government or industry, have a strong connection to and interest in a country. For example Pacific Islands. Asia. The second is parties within the global country who have the local contacts and skills to further the manufacture and distribution locally. These are both partners that we seek.