Air Future Group in compliance with the Covid-19 law is operating as normal as possible but from our respective places of residence. We are fully compliant with the need for individuals to isolate themselves and are making every endeavour to assist with the national interest.  We remain focused on our mission to bring the MDI compressed air system to markets in Australasia.

Air Future Group can still be contacted through all normal email and phone connections and will be seeking to progress its immediate funding and market development projects online.


Air to Energy

Air Future Group is in Australasia, with international reach, and seeks to be a key participant in the renewable energy industry, which has commenced a global revolution.

Along with European technology partner MDI, Air Future Group seeks to bring to Australasia, and potentially further abroad, the MDI compressed air clean products and solutions, to help abate climate change and lower energy and transport costs.  


Batteries using air instead of using chemical materials, rare earth extraction, manufacture, and eventual disposal.

Energy storage is the Holy Grail for renewable energy and transport industries. Homes, business, vehicles, communities and remote all require distributed energy storage.

Air Future Group aims to customise affordable and scalable energy storage via the modular AirWall fixed location product, and Air Power mobile product. These compressed air storage products will be modular, via adapting the component mix to the customers.   


Air Volution Pty Ltd

Whilst global demand for electric vehicles is still early stage, most major manufacturers are committed to their supply. Fossil fuel engines are very polluting. 

The MDI compressed air vehicle range, which Air Future Group commercialises, will range from the smallest product like the GreenAir golf, to family vehicles, to industrial like the AirBom, to potentially all forms of transport vehicles.


Turnkey Factory by MDI

The current centralised huge manufacturing plants producing heavy vehicles with much greater speed and acceleration than can be legally used are polluting.

Whilst global manufacturing is polluting and costly with high distribution and storage costs, Air Future Group manufacture locally via the MDI turnkey micro factories, with local employment, and clean, cheaper and lighter vehicles aligned with climate goals.